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Exciting facts about Indian Rummy game

Rummy is a game that has been played and enjoyed across the world since ages. The game has a variety of variations and the players are free to play any variations according to their choice and at anytime, anywhere. The introduction of the game on digital platforms has made it even more popular among folks.  

Today, we will learn some new and exciting facts about Rummy game that many are not aware of. So, let’s take a look at some of the exciting facts about Indian Rummy game.

1.) Exactly, nobody knows a fact about the origin of the Rummy game. Few believe that the game was founded somewhere in Spain in the 19th century from a card game called Conquian while few believe that it originated from French Poker. Moreover, some people think that it has emerged from Mahjong, a Chinese game. And because of this thought, Rummy game is considered as the mother of all card games in India.

2.) Rummy is the 3rd most liked card game in India after Poker and Teen Patti and the name Rummy, is procured from Rum Poker. In India, Rummy is also called as “PAPLU”. This game relaxes and refreshes our mind and acts as a stress Buster too. Rummy is a skill-based game and many players are playing it on various online rummy platforms such as MyTeamRummy, making it an additional source of income.

3.) Rummy was considered a traditional game and in the 1960s, people used to play this game as a family game. Like board games, Rummy game was also played by many Indian families.

4.) Multiple variations of Rummy game are there in India. The most preferred variation in India is the 13-card-Rummy game with it being enjoyed and played by many. If you want to be a pro rummy player, then you need to go through the practice tables first.

5.) In our society, some myths are famous about the Rummy game like it was played for Rum. The one who loses the game has to buy Rum for the opponent players.

This was our list of interesting facts that are popular among people about the rummy game. If you believe we’ve missed out something, then do let us know for the next time.

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