History of Rummy Card Game

In earlier days, rummy was people’s go to choice to celebrate occasions including weddings, reunions or any social gatherings. But with changes in time & advancements in technological field, people have now shifted to the digital world. Rummy has also shifted to online platforms allowing people an easy access to the game. But do any of you have an idea about the history of Rummy game? Heard about the interesting myths prevalent about the history of Rummy game? Let’s discuss it today.

What is Rummy?

Rummy is a card game played between 2 to 6 players in a number of variants. While there are number of variants are popular in the gaming industry, the basic rules to play & excel in a game of rummy remains the same. The motto of the game is to arrange dealt cards into valid sets and sequences by either selecting or discarding the cards.

History of Rummy game

Did the game originate in Spain?

Most widely accepted concept by the people regarding the origin of Rummy game is that it originated somewhere in Spain in 19th century from a card game called Conquian. It is said that people of Spain discovered it and due to Spanish migrants it spread in America. Conquian is considered as the very first Rummy format after which all other variations came into existence.

What about Asian Connection?

Another majorly accepted proposition about the game is, Rummy has a relation with either Europe or North America. Whereas, some other facts are there which link it with Asia. In China, thousands of years ago there was a game named Mahjong which is pretty similar to Rummy so it was also believed that the game might have originated from China. By taking the above facts into consideration, it is quite possible that the game may have originated in Asia and reached somewhere in India because of migrants.

Another theory about Rummy game is rummy has evolved from the Japanese game called ‘Hanafuda’, which originated from Portuguese people who traveled to Japan.

Does it have anything to do with Poker?

One more myth is that a format of a Poker game namely Whiskey Poker evolved into Rummy. It was into hearing that the game was quite analogous to the contemporary Rummy game and later, it got fame as Rummy Poker and then finally Rummy.

Why did the game become so popular?

The main reason behind the popularity of Rummy game is the challenges that the game throws at each and every step. You will learn so much from this game with very little requirement. All you need to play a game of online rummy, is a supporting device, an internet connection and download an online rummy app. In India, Rummy is considered more as a traditional game and is played during festivals, reunions, and social gatherings. When Hollywood stars has started playing rummy in 1930s, Rummy game became more popular.

How did the game get the name Rummy?

It is perceived that the word ‘Rummy’ is named after the word ‘Rum’ which is British Slang for odd, peculiar, strange, or queer. Few also think that it might have come from ‘Rum Poker’ since the game is assumed to be the ancestor of all rummy games. Also, it is said that  Rummy game was played for Rum as earlier, the loser had to buy Rum for the winner and the people sitting near around.


One cannot be pretty sure about the history of Rummy game but if we talk about the popularity, then this game has earned a lot of popularity. The game is accepted worldwide and is played widely. In actuality, this is an ancient game but today also the fond for playing rummy is increasing day after day. By being online, Rummy is astonishing lots of people towards it and is setting new benchmarks.

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