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How is 101 different from 201 Pool Rummy ?

Rummy game offers a number of variations to the users. Among all such variations, Pool Rummy is admired by many. Now what is so special about Pool Rummy game that people are loving to play it? So, this game is also similar to other rummy variants. Here also you need to have 2 deck of cards and 2 to 6 players but this game creates the challenge between the players to not score more than 101 or 201 points. The one who scores more than 101 and 201 will automatically be knocked out from the game. To maintain yourself below this score is fully challenging and thrilling game and for those who loves to risk, this is the game. It is quite necessary to know the game and understand the difference before starting the game. So let’s get started.

How to play 101 Pool Rummy ?

101 Pool Rummy is quite easy and simpler in comparison with any other formats of Rummy. Here, in order to win you need to form valid sets and sequences before your opponents make.  The cards of all the 4 suits are dealt on a random basis among the players which includes printed joker card also.

In 101 Pool Rummy, the players will continue with the game till the time all the players on the table complete the required target except one. The one who reaches to the Pool of 101 have to leave the table and this process continues uptill all the players on the table form the 101 Pool. The one who lasts till the end of the game is considered as the winner. So basically player has to avoid reaching to 101 Pool in order to be in the game.

Key points of 101 Pool Rummy

Players can also opt for drop option but it will result into loss of points like if it’s first drop then 20 points, if it’s middle drop then 40 points and for wrong declaration 80 points. Another major point to be kept in mind is making a valid declaration. A player has to form minimum of 2 sequences from which one compulsorily needs to be pure sequence.

How to play 201 Pool Rummy

This type of Pool Rummy is also same as that of 101 Pool Rummy. Here, also the cards are dealt from the 4 suits including joker card. But here, player who forms the pool of 201 has to leave the table and the one who managed to remain till the end below 201 pool is declared as the winner here. This game will continue till the time the one player who is left below 201 pool.

Key points of 201 Pool Rummy

The game is very much similar to 101 Points Rummy with the only difference being the points cap. In this case a player is eliminated, once he/she reaches the 201 points limit.

Player can go for drop option if required. For first drop the points accounted are 20, for second drop 40 points and for wrong declaration, 80 points are taken into consideration.

In order to make a valid declaration, the player is required to form 2 sequences from one which needs to be pure sequence.

Major difference between 101 and 201 Pool Rummy

There are no such differences between 101 and 201 Pool Rummy except one. In 101 Pool Rummy, the player gets called off from the game if reaches the 101 points limit and in 201 Pool Rummy, the player is eliminated on reaching 201 point limit.

We believe to have addressed all the major questions regarding 101 vs 201 Points rummy. Now that you know the game & its rules, it’s time to start using your skills to play on MyTeamRummy.

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