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How to make the best use of Joker Card in Rummy?

In Rummy game, understanding the use of joker card is quite necessary. Joker card stands as a bit different from the rest of the cards of the deck. The easiest way to recognize as Joker card is the that it has a symbol of joker printed on it. There are 2 joker cards in a single deck of cards.

Joker is can be defined as one of the important cards of the deck, that can turn a game upside down. Also, another major benefit of the joker card in an online rummy game is that it carries 0 points. Let’s understand how one can use a joker card while playing rummy online & what benefits can be availed?

What is the use of joker card in Rummy?

Joker card is a wild card and acts as a replacement for any other card. The card is specifically used for the creation of impure sequences and sets. The card can be put up in an arrangement of 2 cards to fill up for missing card in a set or sequence. In a game of online rummy, there are two types of Joker card, Printed Joker and Wild Joker. The printed joker has an image of joker printed on it while the wild joker is a card selected on a random basis in each round as a joker card. The wild joker is usually kept under the closed deck facing upward.   

Now let’s discuss how to make the best use of joker card in Rummy game.

Use with high-value cards

At the time of playing if you are holding high-value cards and are confused with what to play next, try to replace your higher value card with joker card. This will lessen your points in-game.

Group cards with Joker

This is something quite beneficial tip for all the online Rummy players. At the time of formation of sets and sequences, try to form the sets and sequences with the use of joker card in it. Obviously, your points get reduced because of this, but in case if you face any technical issues or loss of internet connection during the gameplay then use of joker card will make your points low.

Check the open joker before going for formation of sets

As soon as the cards are dealt among the players, don’t immediately start forming sets. Wait for a while, see the open joker cards and then plan your moves accordingly. So, by following such strategies, risk of discarding the useful card is reduced, and can select better cards from the deck.

Discard the cards around the open joker

Many rummy experts used this strategy while playing Rummy game. This strategy can make them win or lose the game at any moment. And if you see the joker card, try to get rid of its adjacent cards. Not only joker card but the cards around it are of high importance in securing the win in game. Joker card cannot be used in pure sequence.

So, follow the above-mentioned strategies, and make the use of joker cards intelligently in winning the game.

Happy gaming!

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