Evolution of Rummy

Evolution of Rummy game

The rummy game has been played all over the globe for centuries. Rummy game is not only a game but is an emotion for all card lovers. A wide range of variations is there which is making Rummy more popular and worldwide. Maybe there are various variations of Rummy, but the basic rule of the Rummy is the same.

The motto of the game is to arrange the cards into valid sets and sequences by either selecting or discarding the cards. And because of the advancement in online gaming technologies, one can enjoy the traditional Rummy game online. Isn’t it great! But do you have any idea from where the Rummy game has originated and about its evolution? Various beliefs are there about the evolution of the game. What are they? Let’s discuss it out.

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Did the game originate in Spain?

Many people have a belief that rummy was actually originated in the 19th century somewhere in Spain from a card game called Conquian. This was the most widely accepted concept regarding the origination of the Rummy game.

Actually it was discovered by the people of Spain but because of Spanish migrants, it had spread to America also. And it is also believed that Conquian is the very first format of the Rummy game after which all other variations came into existence.

What about Asian Connection?

Some people might have thought that the origination of the Rummy game has a connection with Europe or North America. But there are some other facts that connect it with Asia. There are some people who say that it might have originated from Mahjong, a Chinese game played for thousands of years. This game Mahjong is played similar to the Rummy game.

This fact leads to the new concept and made people believe that Rummy was originated in China. And the Chinese people used to play this game on a large scale. Therefore, it is quite possible that the game may have originated in Asia and reached somewhere in India because of migrants.

Also, one thought about the Rummy game is rummy has been developed from the Japanese game called ‘Hanafuda’, which was evolved from Portuguese people who traveled to Japan.

Does it have anything to do with Poker?

One more assumption about the Rummy game is that it is a form of Poker game called Whiskey Poker which has been developed into Rummy. After that, it was overheard that the game was quite analogous to the contemporary Rummy game. Later onwards, it becomes popular as Rummy Poker and then finally named as Rummy game.

Why did the game become so popular?

Rummy game is quite interesting and simpler to learn and play. For playing Rummy, you only need to have a deck of cards and 2 to 6 players. The game can be played for leisure and entertainment but only skillful people can play this game as this game throws new challenges every time we play. The rummy game became more popular in the 1930s when it was played by famous Hollywood stars. In India, the rummy game was played like a traditional game at weddings, reunions, or at any social gatherings.

And since we have witnessed our grandparents and parents playing this game so many of us are already known to the game and this is one of the important reasons behind the game getting more and more popular.

How did the game get the name Rummy?

People had a belief that the Rummy game was named after the word ‘Rum’ which is British Slang for odd, peculiar, strange, or queer. Few people had a thought that it could have also come from ‘Rum Poker’ since the game is assumed to be the ancestor of all rummy games.

In society, distinct anecdotes are popular about the Rummy game like Rummy game was played for Rum. Shocked? But it was heard that the loser had to purchase the Rum for the winner and the people sitting around.


After reading all the above points, we cannot say from where the game has actually evolved and originated. But besides this, the game has earned a lot of popularity and fame. The game is played worldwide by people of all above age groups and is keeping people engaged.

And one more important thing to note about the Rummy is, it is a very ancient game but today also people’s love for Rummy game has not vanished. And because of rummy being available online, it is seeking to captivate the attention of more people and has broken all the previous records of the game.

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