How to Play the Rummy Card Game?

Rummy is a 13-card game, generally played between 2 to 6 players with two decks of cards. The players are required to make a valid declaration either by picking or by discarding the cards and arranging them in appropriate sets & sequences, in order to win. Playing rummy games online has become very easy with the availability of wide range of websites and mobile apps. Just do a few clicks on your device and you will be able to play the game.

Here’s how you can play the rummy card game online. To begin with, you need to download an online rummy app & then keep the below points in mind:


1. Click on the SIGN-UP button on the homepage.

2. Fill in the basic details like username, password, and email id.

3. Enter referral code if any and click on “I agree to the terms of use.”

4. Now click on the SIGN-UP button.


Type your username and password used at the time of registration.

Then click on SIGN IN.

Start playing

With the help of practice chips, a user can take advantage of free rummy games.  In order to play cash games and cash tournaments, the user has to deposit cash initially.

Steps to play Rummy

1. A toss is made at the start of the game and the first player is decided.

2. 13 cards are dealt to each player on the table.

3. First card is kept in the open deck and the remaining are placed in the closed deck.

4. Player can pick or discard cards according to their need.

5. One who arranges the 13 cards in valid sets and sequences first, abiding by all the rules, is the winner.

6. The player can declare the game at any moment by discarding the last card to the finish slot.

Key terms in Rummy

Pure sequence

A pure sequence is an arrangement of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit with no use of a joker.

Impure sequence

An impure sequence is an arrangement of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit with one or more joker.


A set is an arrangement of three or more consecutive cards of the same face value from different suits with or without the use of joker card.

Wild Joker

A wild joker card is selected on a random basis. It is used as a replacement for another card.

Printed Joker

Printed joker is also used for the same purpose as a wild joker. It has a joker printed on the card.

Points calculation in Rummy

Points are calculated during the time of gameplay and in the end, it’s the only point that declares the result.

1) Cards like Ace, king, queen, and jack each carry 10 points.

2) Joker cards carry 0 points.

3) Other cards carry points equal to their face value.

4) The First drop carries a loss of 20 points

5) Middle drop carries a 40 point deduction.

6) Wrong declaration carries a loss of 80 points.

7) If a player fails to form 2 sequences, then the value of each card is added and 80 points are capped.

8) If the player manages to form 2 sequences including pure sequence, then the value of cards apart from the sequence is calculated.

9) If the player fails to play for 3 consecutive chances, then it is considered as a middle drop and 40 points are deducted.

10) If the player leaves the table but after picking up a card from closed-deck then it is considered as a middle drop. But if the player doesn’t pick any card, then it is calculated as the first drop and according to the drops, the points are accounted for it.


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Tips & Tricks for winning an Online Rummy Game

Rummy is one of the most popular games of the digital era that has been turning a lot of heads around. With the dynamically changing lifestyles of people, playing rummy online is considered one of the most refreshing things. And if you are about to make your way towards winning your 13 cards rummy game, then you can relish it on the MyTeamRummy platform. This is the most trusted destination and will always help you to be one step forward from others. Here are a few tips and tricks that will favor you to win the game easily. Following are the few simple points that need to be kept in mind while playing the rummy game so that you can be the winning champion of the game.

Choose the right game

Online Rummy offers you the benefit of playing free matches for practice purposes, winning prizes, and compete against millions in tournaments. TO achieve all this, all you have to do is one simple thing, just go through all the available arrangements and discover the one with which you are very much comfortable and confident before making a valid declaration.
Moreover, one can also prefer playing rummy online in order to earn exciting prizes and rewards as it can provide you with an additional source of income. Once you are used to it, you will become the master of it.

Arranging the cards properly

The major focus of the game should be arranging all the cards in valid sets and sequences. You need to stay focused in understanding what cards are important for you and which aren’t. Both closed deck and open deck can be good alternatives for achieving your aim of putting all the 13-cards in a valid arrangement.

Aim for a pure sequence

Ups and downs are the two sides of the same coin and while you are playing there are only two possibilities whether you will win or lose. But all you have to do is keep yourself calm and relax and overcome the problem with its appropriate solution. The next major thing is aiming to form a pure sequence at the earliest, as it helps you get going as one of the major game requirements. You need to be very much sure about which cards to be discarded and which to be kept with you to form a pure sequence. Don’t forget to keep joker cards with you as they act as a renewal of any other card in the game.

Discarding high-value cards

When you play rummy, you should concentrate on reducing the high card points at the initial level which are of no use to form a pure sequence. High points have been accounted for cards of the king, queen, and Jack, each of these cards carries 10 points. If in case you lose the game and the cards are not in pure sequence, high points are taken into consideration.

Use of joker wisely

Jokers can make you win at any step during a game of online Rummy. The tip for online rummy is that if you have a pure sequence ready, use the available jokers and try to make the second sequence. But what if you are already having two such sequences, then in such a situation use at hand available jokers to make sets of high points cards. In pure sequence, Jokers are of no use so avoid using it there.

Track your opponent’s moves

The quite important tip in Indian rummy to win a game is to keep your eye on each particular move of your opponents. The cards they select from the open deck or discard will give you an idea about the cards they are carrying in their hand, and how long are they in the game. It will keep you up to date about the strategy that is being played by the player. You need to be smart enough to understand the tactics of the opponent player. At times, if you act wisely then you make your opponent discard the cards of your need.

So, just by keeping in mind these few tips and tricks, you can make your way towards winning an online rummy game.

online rummy game

Importance of Rummy Tutorials for Beginners

If you are entering into the world of Rummy for the first time and have very little or no idea about the Rummy game, then it is advisable to see the Rummy tutorials first. Because of Rummy tutorials, an individual can easily understand all the facts and features of the game which in the future can make them a pro player of the Rummy game.

And to become a pro player, the MyTeamRummy platform has its own online rummy tutorials through which an individual can become aware of all the concepts of the game. Even if you know all about the Rummy game but playing it on an online destination for the first time, then it is totally a different thing. You should first go through the rummy tutorials and after that jump on the gameplay. Let us understand the importance of rummy tutorials in detail.

In-depth explanation

Rummy tutorials consist of many videos and each video covers a particular section of the game. Just by going through these tutorials, one can get detailed knowledge of the game. Even if you are a beginner, and don’t know much about it, you can learn the game in an easy manner through these videos. Besides this, you will also get to know a variety of features of the game likewise how to group cards, how to pick and discard cards, how to declare the game, how to finish the game and whatnot.

How to group cards

When you group the cards correctly, you won’t miss any chance to form sets and sequences. And rummy game tutorials explain to you how to group cards in a very lucid manner by dragging and dropping.

How to pick and discard cards

Sets and sequences can be easily formed by picking and discarding cards. In your every turn, you have to either pick or discard cards. This video will explain to you how to pick and discard the cards from the open and closed deck

How to declare the game

Once you form a valid form and show them, then you can do the declaration. By seeing the video demonstration, one can understand how to declare the game.

A better understanding of rules and regulations

Before going for any game, it’s quite necessary to know the rules and regulations of the game. So on the MyTeamRummy platform, you will get to know about it on video tutorials. At a glance, you will get the knowledge of all the terms and conditions of the game which will certainly help you in the future.

Winning strategies

In the rummy tutorial section, rummy champions have shared some of the best and useful tips and tricks to win the game. Along with tips and tricks, experienced players have shared their personal experience and strategies during the gameplay which will make you familiar with what one should do if he is not able to form a sequence or how can one make a comeback in the game. They will make you aware of what to do in which situation so it will be quite helpful and you will also become a confident player as you are already well known with the situation.

In Rummy tutorials, you will also learn how to split the prize amount between the players, how to sort the cards just by clicking on the sort button, how to play different types of Rummy formats, and many more.

Where to find the tutorial?

Hopefully, you have understood the importance of rummy tutorials. Now the question arises from where to find rummy tutorials. When you open the MyTeamRummy platform, you will find the how-to-play option and under the option of how to play, you will find Rummy video tutorials.

So, go and watch the rummy tutorials and we are pretty sure that it will make you a Rummy champion. Even a single minute miss can prove you costly, in the longer-term. To understand the importance of Rummy tutorials, and apply them to your gaming skills and certainly, you will enjoy gaming on our MyTeamRummy platform.

Happy Gaming!

Evolution of Rummy

Evolution of Rummy game

The rummy game has been played all over the globe for centuries. Rummy game is not only a game but is an emotion for all card lovers. A wide range of variations is there which is making Rummy more popular and worldwide. Maybe there are various variations of Rummy, but the basic rule of the Rummy is the same.

The motto of the game is to arrange the cards into valid sets and sequences by either selecting or discarding the cards. And because of the advancement in online gaming technologies, one can enjoy the traditional Rummy game online. Isn’t it great! But do you have any idea from where the Rummy game has originated and about its evolution? Various beliefs are there about the evolution of the game. What are they? Let’s discuss it out.

playing cards

Did the game originate in Spain?

Many people have a belief that rummy was actually originated in the 19th century somewhere in Spain from a card game called Conquian. This was the most widely accepted concept regarding the origination of the Rummy game.

Actually it was discovered by the people of Spain but because of Spanish migrants, it had spread to America also. And it is also believed that Conquian is the very first format of the Rummy game after which all other variations came into existence.

What about Asian Connection?

Some people might have thought that the origination of the Rummy game has a connection with Europe or North America. But there are some other facts that connect it with Asia. There are some people who say that it might have originated from Mahjong, a Chinese game played for thousands of years. This game Mahjong is played similar to the Rummy game.

This fact leads to the new concept and made people believe that Rummy was originated in China. And the Chinese people used to play this game on a large scale. Therefore, it is quite possible that the game may have originated in Asia and reached somewhere in India because of migrants.

Also, one thought about the Rummy game is rummy has been developed from the Japanese game called ‘Hanafuda’, which was evolved from Portuguese people who traveled to Japan.

Does it have anything to do with Poker?

One more assumption about the Rummy game is that it is a form of Poker game called Whiskey Poker which has been developed into Rummy. After that, it was overheard that the game was quite analogous to the contemporary Rummy game. Later onwards, it becomes popular as Rummy Poker and then finally named as Rummy game.

Why did the game become so popular?

Rummy game is quite interesting and simpler to learn and play. For playing Rummy, you only need to have a deck of cards and 2 to 6 players. The game can be played for leisure and entertainment but only skillful people can play this game as this game throws new challenges every time we play. The rummy game became more popular in the 1930s when it was played by famous Hollywood stars. In India, the rummy game was played like a traditional game at weddings, reunions, or at any social gatherings.

And since we have witnessed our grandparents and parents playing this game so many of us are already known to the game and this is one of the important reasons behind the game getting more and more popular.

How did the game get the name Rummy?

People had a belief that the Rummy game was named after the word ‘Rum’ which is British Slang for odd, peculiar, strange, or queer. Few people had a thought that it could have also come from ‘Rum Poker’ since the game is assumed to be the ancestor of all rummy games.

In society, distinct anecdotes are popular about the Rummy game like Rummy game was played for Rum. Shocked? But it was heard that the loser had to purchase the Rum for the winner and the people sitting around.


After reading all the above points, we cannot say from where the game has actually evolved and originated. But besides this, the game has earned a lot of popularity and fame. The game is played worldwide by people of all above age groups and is keeping people engaged.

And one more important thing to note about the Rummy is, it is a very ancient game but today also people’s love for Rummy game has not vanished. And because of rummy being available online, it is seeking to captivate the attention of more people and has broken all the previous records of the game.

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How to make the best use of Joker Card in Rummy?

In Rummy game, understanding the use of joker card is quite necessary. Joker card stands as a bit different from the rest of the cards of the deck. The easiest way to recognize as Joker card is the that it has a symbol of joker printed on it. There are 2 joker cards in a single deck of cards.

Joker is can be defined as one of the important cards of the deck, that can turn a game upside down. Also, another major benefit of the joker card in an online rummy game is that it carries 0 points. Let’s understand how one can use a joker card while playing rummy online & what benefits can be availed?

What is the use of joker card in Rummy?

Joker card is a wild card and acts as a replacement for any other card. The card is specifically used for the creation of impure sequences and sets. The card can be put up in an arrangement of 2 cards to fill up for missing card in a set or sequence. In a game of online rummy, there are two types of Joker card, Printed Joker and Wild Joker. The printed joker has an image of joker printed on it while the wild joker is a card selected on a random basis in each round as a joker card. The wild joker is usually kept under the closed deck facing upward.   

Now let’s discuss how to make the best use of joker card in Rummy game.

Use with high-value cards

At the time of playing if you are holding high-value cards and are confused with what to play next, try to replace your higher value card with joker card. This will lessen your points in-game.

Group cards with Joker

This is something quite beneficial tip for all the online Rummy players. At the time of formation of sets and sequences, try to form the sets and sequences with the use of joker card in it. Obviously, your points get reduced because of this, but in case if you face any technical issues or loss of internet connection during the gameplay then use of joker card will make your points low.

Check the open joker before going for formation of sets

As soon as the cards are dealt among the players, don’t immediately start forming sets. Wait for a while, see the open joker cards and then plan your moves accordingly. So, by following such strategies, risk of discarding the useful card is reduced, and can select better cards from the deck.

Discard the cards around the open joker

Many rummy experts used this strategy while playing Rummy game. This strategy can make them win or lose the game at any moment. And if you see the joker card, try to get rid of its adjacent cards. Not only joker card but the cards around it are of high importance in securing the win in game. Joker card cannot be used in pure sequence.

So, follow the above-mentioned strategies, and make the use of joker cards intelligently in winning the game.

Happy gaming!


Glossary of Rummy terms that every Rummy player must know

Want to experience thrill of the Rummy game but have absolutely no or very little idea about the gameplay? So why to take tension? We are here for you. We will help you in easy understanding of the major Rummy terms which as a player you should know. So let’s take a look towards the glossary of Rummy terms.


An arrangement of 3 or 4 cards of the same line up but from the different suits is known as sets.


Basically, sequence is an act of putting 3 or more successive cards of an identical suit in conjunction.  This can be further categorised as Pure sequence and impure sequence.

Pure Sequence

Pure sequence can be defined as an ordering of 3 or more successive cards of the same suit without inclusion of wild joker or printed joker in it.

Impure Sequence

Impure sequence can be defined as the ordering of 3 or more cards of the same suit with one or more Joker inserted in it.

Closed Deck

Initially, 13 cards are dealt to each player sitting on the table and after that the remaining cards are kept upside down, facing the table. This deck of cards is defined as closed deck and can be used at the time of picking the cards.

Open Deck

The cards discarded by the opponents at the time of playing the game are considered as the open deck. These cards are always visible to the players on the table and can be used by any player if required.

Finish slot

Once, the player has arranged all the 13 cards  in valid sets and sequences, you can make use of the finish slot to move the remaining extra card & declare the game.

Valid Declaration

When all the 13 cards are grouped into valid sets and sequences satisfying all the required conditions which includes at least 2 sequences out of which 1 compulsorily needs to be a pure sequence it is called as valid declaration.

First Drop

First drop is the drop where the player drops the game in it’s very first turn. But a penalty is given to the player if the player takes a drop and it results into the loss of 20 points.

Middle Drop

If after playing the first turn, a player drops the game, it is considered as middle drop. The middle drop results into the loss of 40 points.

Wrong Declaration

If a player takes off his/her hand without completing the requirements of the game then it is considered as a wrong declaration and it results into loss of 80 points.

Rummy points

Let’s understand the points calculation of Rummy game. The primary objective of the game is to maintain the lowest score, satisfy all the game requirements for a valid declaration to become a winner. A player should hold 0 points. So let’s take a look towards the points value of each card .

  • Ace, King, Queen & Jack cards carry 10 points each
  • The remaining cards carry points equal to their face value. For ex : An 8 of Diamonds will carry 8 points and a 4 of Hearts will carry 4 points.  
  • The joker card carries 0 points.
  • The loser can lose upto maximum  of 80 points.
  • If in case, a player fails to play for the 3 successive chances, the player will get automatically called off from the game with the points of Middle Drop.

This is all about the glossary of Rummy terms which every Rummy player should know before getting into the game.

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How is 101 different from 201 Pool Rummy ?

Rummy game offers a number of variations to the users. Among all such variations, Pool Rummy is admired by many. Now what is so special about Pool Rummy game that people are loving to play it? So, this game is also similar to other rummy variants. Here also you need to have 2 deck of cards and 2 to 6 players but this game creates the challenge between the players to not score more than 101 or 201 points. The one who scores more than 101 and 201 will automatically be knocked out from the game. To maintain yourself below this score is fully challenging and thrilling game and for those who loves to risk, this is the game. It is quite necessary to know the game and understand the difference before starting the game. So let’s get started.

How to play 101 Pool Rummy ?

101 Pool Rummy is quite easy and simpler in comparison with any other formats of Rummy. Here, in order to win you need to form valid sets and sequences before your opponents make.  The cards of all the 4 suits are dealt on a random basis among the players which includes printed joker card also.

In 101 Pool Rummy, the players will continue with the game till the time all the players on the table complete the required target except one. The one who reaches to the Pool of 101 have to leave the table and this process continues uptill all the players on the table form the 101 Pool. The one who lasts till the end of the game is considered as the winner. So basically player has to avoid reaching to 101 Pool in order to be in the game.

Key points of 101 Pool Rummy

Players can also opt for drop option but it will result into loss of points like if it’s first drop then 20 points, if it’s middle drop then 40 points and for wrong declaration 80 points. Another major point to be kept in mind is making a valid declaration. A player has to form minimum of 2 sequences from which one compulsorily needs to be pure sequence.

How to play 201 Pool Rummy

This type of Pool Rummy is also same as that of 101 Pool Rummy. Here, also the cards are dealt from the 4 suits including joker card. But here, player who forms the pool of 201 has to leave the table and the one who managed to remain till the end below 201 pool is declared as the winner here. This game will continue till the time the one player who is left below 201 pool.

Key points of 201 Pool Rummy

The game is very much similar to 101 Points Rummy with the only difference being the points cap. In this case a player is eliminated, once he/she reaches the 201 points limit.

Player can go for drop option if required. For first drop the points accounted are 20, for second drop 40 points and for wrong declaration, 80 points are taken into consideration.

In order to make a valid declaration, the player is required to form 2 sequences from one which needs to be pure sequence.

Major difference between 101 and 201 Pool Rummy

There are no such differences between 101 and 201 Pool Rummy except one. In 101 Pool Rummy, the player gets called off from the game if reaches the 101 points limit and in 201 Pool Rummy, the player is eliminated on reaching 201 point limit.

We believe to have addressed all the major questions regarding 101 vs 201 Points rummy. Now that you know the game & its rules, it’s time to start using your skills to play on MyTeamRummy.

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History of Rummy Card Game

In earlier days, rummy was people’s go to choice to celebrate occasions including weddings, reunions or any social gatherings. But with changes in time & advancements in technological field, people have now shifted to the digital world. Rummy has also shifted to online platforms allowing people an easy access to the game. But do any of you have an idea about the history of Rummy game? Heard about the interesting myths prevalent about the history of Rummy game? Let’s discuss it today.

What is Rummy?

Rummy is a card game played between 2 to 6 players in a number of variants. While there are number of variants are popular in the gaming industry, the basic rules to play & excel in a game of rummy remains the same. The motto of the game is to arrange dealt cards into valid sets and sequences by either selecting or discarding the cards.

History of Rummy game

Did the game originate in Spain?

Most widely accepted concept by the people regarding the origin of Rummy game is that it originated somewhere in Spain in 19th century from a card game called Conquian. It is said that people of Spain discovered it and due to Spanish migrants it spread in America. Conquian is considered as the very first Rummy format after which all other variations came into existence.

What about Asian Connection?

Another majorly accepted proposition about the game is, Rummy has a relation with either Europe or North America. Whereas, some other facts are there which link it with Asia. In China, thousands of years ago there was a game named Mahjong which is pretty similar to Rummy so it was also believed that the game might have originated from China. By taking the above facts into consideration, it is quite possible that the game may have originated in Asia and reached somewhere in India because of migrants.

Another theory about Rummy game is rummy has evolved from the Japanese game called ‘Hanafuda’, which originated from Portuguese people who traveled to Japan.

Does it have anything to do with Poker?

One more myth is that a format of a Poker game namely Whiskey Poker evolved into Rummy. It was into hearing that the game was quite analogous to the contemporary Rummy game and later, it got fame as Rummy Poker and then finally Rummy.

Why did the game become so popular?

The main reason behind the popularity of Rummy game is the challenges that the game throws at each and every step. You will learn so much from this game with very little requirement. All you need to play a game of online rummy, is a supporting device, an internet connection and download an online rummy app. In India, Rummy is considered more as a traditional game and is played during festivals, reunions, and social gatherings. When Hollywood stars has started playing rummy in 1930s, Rummy game became more popular.

How did the game get the name Rummy?

It is perceived that the word ‘Rummy’ is named after the word ‘Rum’ which is British Slang for odd, peculiar, strange, or queer. Few also think that it might have come from ‘Rum Poker’ since the game is assumed to be the ancestor of all rummy games. Also, it is said that  Rummy game was played for Rum as earlier, the loser had to buy Rum for the winner and the people sitting near around.


One cannot be pretty sure about the history of Rummy game but if we talk about the popularity, then this game has earned a lot of popularity. The game is accepted worldwide and is played widely. In actuality, this is an ancient game but today also the fond for playing rummy is increasing day after day. By being online, Rummy is astonishing lots of people towards it and is setting new benchmarks.

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Exciting facts about Indian Rummy game

Rummy is a game that has been played and enjoyed across the world since ages. The game has a variety of variations and the players are free to play any variations according to their choice and at anytime, anywhere. The introduction of the game on digital platforms has made it even more popular among folks.  

Today, we will learn some new and exciting facts about Rummy game that many are not aware of. So, let’s take a look at some of the exciting facts about Indian Rummy game.

1.) Exactly, nobody knows a fact about the origin of the Rummy game. Few believe that the game was founded somewhere in Spain in the 19th century from a card game called Conquian while few believe that it originated from French Poker. Moreover, some people think that it has emerged from Mahjong, a Chinese game. And because of this thought, Rummy game is considered as the mother of all card games in India.

2.) Rummy is the 3rd most liked card game in India after Poker and Teen Patti and the name Rummy, is procured from Rum Poker. In India, Rummy is also called as “PAPLU”. This game relaxes and refreshes our mind and acts as a stress Buster too. Rummy is a skill-based game and many players are playing it on various online rummy platforms such as MyTeamRummy, making it an additional source of income.

3.) Rummy was considered a traditional game and in the 1960s, people used to play this game as a family game. Like board games, Rummy game was also played by many Indian families.

4.) Multiple variations of Rummy game are there in India. The most preferred variation in India is the 13-card-Rummy game with it being enjoyed and played by many. If you want to be a pro rummy player, then you need to go through the practice tables first.

5.) In our society, some myths are famous about the Rummy game like it was played for Rum. The one who loses the game has to buy Rum for the opponent players.

This was our list of interesting facts that are popular among people about the rummy game. If you believe we’ve missed out something, then do let us know for the next time.

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Common misconceptions about online mobile games

In recent days, online gaming has made people crazy towards it. Daily new games are being introduced in the market, giving an ample of choice to the players to select the game accordingly. Because of great user interface and easy availability on smartphones, more and more users are now getting attracted towards it. Skill-based games like Rummy are developing the intelligence of the individual but still, few people have a misconception regarding online gaming. Now, what are they? Let’s read it out.

Mobile gaming is a waste of time

This is the most common delusion that most of us have often came across. Playing games on your smart phones is not always a waste a time. Not all, but a few games help in development of your logical and analytical thinking, sharpening your memory, and increases your focus too. So, playing a skill-based game for certain duration is actually healthy.

Mobile games lead you to social isolation

People consider online mobile games to be a major reason behind social isolation. While this is true to a certain extent, it is not entirely right. Generally, most of the online mobile games are multiplayer games so basically, it helps the individual to connect with different people and build their connections globally. It totally depends on the type of game player is playing.

Mobile games are addictive

Certainly not! If someone is playing mobile games for a long duration and reaching up to the next levels, it doesn’t mean that the person is addicted to gaming. Because reaching the next level requires intelligence and presence of mind in an individual.

Mobile games are for kids

This is also the most common myth we have heard so far. Online mobile games can be played by any age group, there is no restriction on any person playing the game. Generally, it has been analyzed that people from age group 16 to 24 are less in number as compared to age group from 25 to 34 playing online mobile games. Not also these age groups, but also middle-aged and retired people play online mobile games.

Mobile games are not secure

Many believe that playing mobile games are not safe but mobile games designed by a reputed company are 100% safe and secure to play.
Whenever you go for a particular game, firstly check the safety and security of the game. Also, check if it is legally authorized or not. Along with this, you can also check the reviews and reputation of the game/site before sharing any confidential data with them.

So, in today’s world, playing online mobile games is safe and secure. You can start playing it as millions of users are already there playing and having lot of fun & winnings.