How to Play the Rummy Card Game?

Rummy is a 13-card game, generally played between 2 to 6 players with two decks of cards. The players are required to make a valid declaration either by picking or by discarding the cards and arranging them in appropriate sets & sequences, in order to win. Playing rummy games online has become very easy with […]

Tips & Tricks for winning an Online Rummy Game

Rummy is one of the most popular games of the digital era that has been turning a lot of heads around. With the dynamically changing lifestyles of people, playing rummy online is considered one of the most refreshing things. And if you are about to make your way towards winning your 13 cards rummy game, […]

Importance of Rummy Tutorials for Beginners

If you are entering into the world of Rummy for the first time and have very little or no idea about the Rummy game, then it is advisable to see the Rummy tutorials first. Because of Rummy tutorials, an individual can easily understand all the facts and features of the game which in the future […]

Evolution of Rummy game

The rummy game has been played all over the globe for centuries. Rummy game is not only a game but is an emotion for all card lovers. A wide range of variations is there which is making Rummy more popular and worldwide. Maybe there are various variations of Rummy, but the basic rule of the […]

How to make the best use of Joker Card in Rummy?

In Rummy game, understanding the use of joker card is quite necessary. Joker card stands as a bit different from the rest of the cards of the deck. The easiest way to recognize as Joker card is the that it has a symbol of joker printed on it. There are 2 joker cards in a […]

Glossary of Rummy terms that every Rummy player must know

Want to experience thrill of the Rummy game but have absolutely no or very little idea about the gameplay? So why to take tension? We are here for you. We will help you in easy understanding of the major Rummy terms which as a player you should know. So let’s take a look towards the glossary […]

How is 101 different from 201 Pool Rummy ?

Rummy game offers a number of variations to the users. Among all such variations, Pool Rummy is admired by many. Now what is so special about Pool Rummy game that people are loving to play it? So, this game is also similar to other rummy variants. Here also you need to have 2 deck of […]

History of Rummy Card Game

In earlier days, rummy was people‚Äôs go to choice to celebrate occasions including weddings, reunions or any social gatherings. But with changes in time & advancements in technological field, people have now shifted to the digital world. Rummy has also shifted to online platforms allowing people an easy access to the game. But do any […]

Exciting facts about Indian Rummy game

Rummy is a game that has been played and enjoyed across the world since ages. The game has a variety of variations and the players are free to play any variations according to their choice and at anytime, anywhere. The introduction of the game on digital platforms has made it even more popular among folks.   […]

Common misconceptions about online mobile games

In recent days, online gaming has made people crazy towards it. Daily new games are being introduced in the market, giving an ample of choice to the players to select the game accordingly. Because of great user interface and easy availability on smartphones, more and more users are now getting attracted towards it. Skill-based games […]


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